Student Transfer


Transfer of students shall be within the jurisdiction of the DTE&T Odisha and the following norms shall be adhered to while transferring any student:

i. No transfer shall be allowed in the same headquarters.

ii. No transfer from Govt. institution to Private institution or vice versa shall be allowed.

iii. Transfer from one institute to another shall be considered only in medical grounds of self on the production of the medical certificate from a government doctor not below the rank of C.D.M.O.

iv. Transfer can also be allowed on ground of transfer of parents working in central governmenU state government offices/ Public sector undertakings to another place after the admission of the students.

v. Transfer may be allowed after consent is given by the principals of both the institutes concerned and subject to availability of vacancy.

vi. In case of more than one student applying for transfer to the same institute, the inter-se merit among the appticants, based on their HSC marks is to be considered.

vii. Students admitted under supernumerary seats shall not be allowed to change their lnstitution to which they were originally admitted.

viii. The DTE&T, Odisha shall be the competent authority to effect such transfer under intimation to the SCTE&VT, Odisha.

ix.  The DTE&T Odisha can transfer a student on administrative ground as per recommendation of the Principal.

x.  Process for Transfer of Student:

     a. Transfer process will be purely online based & time bound. No transfer will be considered beyond scheduled period to be notified by the DTE&T.

    b. Students seeking transfer shall apply online and the Principal of the concerned lnstitution will forward the application of the student through online mode to all                     concerned.

    c. The transfer process will complete within 20th March of each year, but it will be effective at the beginning of 3rd Semester only.

     d. Transfer of student cannot be considered as a matter of right.